Deacon's Message

We are experiencing events that no doubt will leave a lasting impact on our lives and the lives of our children. Not only have we suffered economically, but our behavior modification of "socially distancing" ourselves has placed all of us further apart from each other. Many of us are now feeling what was only felt by a few, before all this happened. That feeling of being alone and afraid, of being marginalized. The responsibility of caring for and providing for each other has only become more overwhelming for some. If there was ever a time for the Church, the People of God, in the world, I would suggest that it would be NOW.

What can we do? As Jesus spoke to His apostles last night during the Passover Seder of the Last Supper, He showed them first how to be a model of service by washing their feet. He says to us , "As I have shown you, you should do also." As we arefed by God's love, we are to serve each other. Through service comes peace!

Let us not despair, but look to the future with new and expectant eyes and hearts, full of anticipation and hope for the coming of our Lord through ALL the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Let us put into action our love we have for those less fortunate.

This is our desert experience, the time of self-examination and reflection. There will come a time soon that this obstacle will pass before us and we will need to prepare to return to our roots of love, honor and respect for God and each other. Our Exodus of our selfishness and self-centeredness is soon to come and we will be asked to enter into the new Promised Land of our existence. Will we be ready to take flight and enter into the joy of the new Kingdom?

This is our Passover, this is the fulfillment of the Paschal Mystery. Our suffering will lead to our transformation bringing us to new Life. The Lord will show us He is Risen in Glory. Be Not Afraid!!!!

Shalom my friends,